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What's New of ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder?

10-DEC-2002, Version 1.30 Released!
Bugs of opening file fixed!
Download the newer version!

02-DEC-2002, Version 1.21 Released!
WAV Normalizing supported!
You may set the program to normalize the WAV after recording, or open the file to normalize it from the pull-down menu "Tools"!

02-DEC-2002, Version 1.20 Released!
Time schedule supported, you may stop after a certaion time length recording!
Fixed a bug of saving file!

02-DEC-2002, Version 1.10 Released!
Set the properties when create a new recording
Properties changable during recording

02-APR-2002, Version 1.00 Released!
The first release!
Record Audio to MP3/WAV!
Full MP3/WAV Options supported!
Full Play back control
Copyright (R) 2002, ACE-HIGH Soft Inc. , MP3 Recorder Development Team. All Rights Reserved!