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How to Register ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder?
To register ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder software, you need to order a registration code first. If you have not ordered it, you may click here to place an order. The code would be sent to you within minutes.

If you have ordered the software and have not got the registration code, please wait for the code or send an email to us with your order receipt email for resending the registration code.

If you have got the registration code, please according to the following steps to register you version of ACE-HIGH MP3 Recorder software,

Step 1, Press the "Regsiter ..." button from the startup notice dialog, or press the pull-down menu "Help -> Register ..." to activate the registration dialog,

Step 2, Enter your name and registration code exactly as what you get. The name and code characters are case sensitive and do not allow for adding extra blank spaces.

Step 3, Press the "Register" button. If it shows "Your code have not been accepted, please try again", it means that the name and code are not right, suggest using COPY and PASTE to avoid errors.

If you have any other questions, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

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